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I am a passionate photographer based in London. I would like to introduce myself as a person who is constantly working towards perfection. This mindset comes from my sports background, where mastering the technical aspects of training is playing a significant role to optimize sports performance. Obsession for details is critical there. 

Getting back to the images - details can differentiate a great shot from an ordinary one. Ability to see them is a precious gift.

Talking about my photo-subjects, I must admit that I prefer shooting portraits with some added spices of imagination and bits of humour, however I do enjoy taking classic as well as photo-journalistic portraits. Commercially, I do quite a lot of real estate photography, focusing on product type crisp and clear images. Furthermore, I am building my sports portfolio, aiming for professional competitions and high profile events.

On my free time I do enjoy shooting wild life and street photography as well as other photo genres. It is a therapy for my mind.

Finally, I would like to thank you for coming by and taking your time to check out my page. Please spread the word and stay tuned, more great work is on its way!



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